Specialty Drinks


Your Mule of choice mixed with fresh lime juice and ginger beer served in a copper mug.

Moscow Mule – Vodka

Montana Mule – Bourbon 

Kickin’ Mule – Vodka and Pomegranate Liquer 

El Burro – Tequila 

Honey Badger

Willies Honey Moonshine, iced tea mint and a slice of lemon served over a pint of frozen cubes. 

Riverhouse Margarita

This sweet and spicy margarita combines Hornitos,   triple sec, fresh jalapenos and RH’s homemade margarita mix; shaken and served in a salt rimmed pint glass.


This ditty is from back in the day and features copious amounts of booze and other shenanigans. Flavored with berries and fruit this frozen slushy is sure to please the BIG kid inside you.


Perfect for any dark and stormy afternoon in the Gallatin Canyon, this drinks combines Goslings rum, ginger beer and fresh lime juice served in a metal camping cup.

Cowpoke Lemonade

This “lemonade” is for both cowboys and cowgirls and is a compilation of vodka, rum, and gin mixed with berries and of course, lemonade. This pint sized drink does the trick.

Gin and Juice

This cocktail is served with our friend Andrew John’s gin, and hails from Texas. It will not disappoint. This classic drink uses gin, orange juice and a squeeze of honey served in a rocks glass garnished with an orange.

Bloody Marys                       

A generous pour of vodka topped with our homemade bloody mix and garnished with a variety of veggies.

House – Wild Rye Vodka 

Crazy Mary – Mule Kick Pepper/Garlic Vodka

Virgin Mary – Bloody Mix and veggies 

Captain K’s Cocktail

This is my buddy’s favorite drink. A liberal pour of Titos vodka, water and fresh lemon and lime shaken and served in pint glass, Yummy!

MT Old Fashioned

Willies Bourbon, simple syrup, muddled orange/cherry and a dash of bitters served in a rocks bucket.

El Vaquero

Milagro Silver, Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice shaken and served in a salted martini glass garnished with a lime.