Our Story

Kyle and Greg came together at the establishment back in 2004 when it was the Half Moon Saloon under other ownership.  Through its ups and downs the two friends saw ownership changes, economic downturns, as well as a plethora of memorable experiences.  Upon the last closing of the establishment the two friends were forced to seek employment elsewhere.

As the two worked elsewhere in the town they always wondered if it would ever be possible to own the place themselves and bring back this amazing venue.

So began the planning and preparation and the two friends were pleasantly surprised to discover that ownership was a viable option and closed on the property in 2013.

Now that the two friends were the owners, the rebuilding and remodeling began to make the place they always thought it should have been.  As sawdust filled the air and hammers were swung, the transformation took place into what you see today.  We hope you enjoy this place as much as we do.